Greetings from FDHI!

On behalf of the staff, doctors, and board of Floridablanca Doctors’ Hospital, Inc., welcome to our website. It is important to us that you have easy and comfortable access to the information that is valuable to you.

FDHI recognizes the need in providing medical care in an excellent, comfortable and affordable manner. As such, we strive to make certain that our patients are cared for by our skilled and competent doctors, specialists, nurses and staff.

We aspire to be the hospital of choice in the community by offering excellent and affordable health care services that meets and exceeds client requirements and expectations through continuous improvement of our services, resources and training programs.

Offering a wide range of high quality and latest medical services, we aim to positively contribute to the improved health and wellness of the community. We serve with care and compassion for the individual needs of our patients and their loved ones.

“Your Health, Our Care” is what we stand for as we work together to put the patients first in all things that we do. We are committed to maintain the highest level of performance in providing the utmost quality care that our patients deserve.

Explore and enjoy this opportunity to know us better. We would welcome your feedback and how we can be of further service to you and your loved ones.