If your application is not approved, you will have to attend court hearings or meet the deadlines already set. If you do not meet these hearing dates or deadlines, you may receive a default judgment against you. This allows the other party to automatically win and enforce any judgment they receive against you. You should not ask to continue if the trial date you wish to continue has already expired. In this case, you may have rendered a default judgment against you if you are the defendant. You can ask for a default judgment to be set aside. If you are the plaintiff, the action may have been dismissed. If your case is rejected, you must resubmit it. If you have 7 days or less before the hearing date, you do not have enough time to contact the other party about the hearing. You should contact the court clerk and ask him what you need to do.

They may still want you to submit your application to continue, or they may tell you it`s too late. At least it shows the judge that you haven`t forgotten the court date and tried to change it. My interview with Lance ended with a harsh reality of judicial resets and their impact on the cash deposit system: “I think it`s another way to get someone to do something just because.” Most courts have their own rules called “local rules,” which contain specific requirements for filing applications. Similarly, judges sometimes have special instructions for motions in their courtroom. These instructions are called “standing orders”. You should contact your judge`s clerk to find out if they have specific instructions for filing an application for an extension. You must follow these instructions. Be sure to carefully review the notification you receive. Since many G.A. courts remain closed (e.g., G.A.

#20 Norwalk and G.A. #5 Derby), your case may take place elsewhere. Norwalk`s cases are being heard at Stamford G.A. #1 as the Norwalk Court remains closed until further notice. Judicial resets are a twisted tactic of the justice system on a normal day, but the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased its prevalence and impact. For hygiene reasons, the Harris County courts have been largely closed since March 24, 2020. This means that anyone who has scheduled a hearing date for this summer has postponed it by at least a few months. However, in the absence of a clear end to the pandemic, new hearing dates in late August, September and October are more likely to serve as placeholders for the word “unknown.” The only notice you receive about your hearing dates is a notice mailed from the Clerk`s Office.

If you do not show up for the hearing, you may be arrested again for not appearing. For this reason, it is important that you ensure that the clerk`s office has your most recent and most recent mailing address. Also, be sure to notify your lawyer immediately of any change of address or phone number. Check with your lawyer before making longer vacation plans and provide your attorney with a copy of your itinerary. The magnitude of the cunning of the law may never be fully realized, as it permeates the lives of those who interact with the justice system in different ways and for different purposes. I have spent the last few weeks listening to the experiences of people who could not afford bail but were released through bail charitable funds. Of the many seemingly mundane procedures that the law turns into huge obstacles, one has come up too often to ignore it: reset the court. If your application is approved, your deadline or publication date will return to the date you requested, and the action will continue as usual. You need a good reason why you can`t meet your hearing date. Even then, a judge may agree to whether or not to grant your request. This keeps people in jail for long periods of time if they can`t afford to pay bail, and it`s harder for those who have paid bail to pursue their case still pending. Given that vaccines are expected to be generally available by this summer, the criminal court trial could return to normal in a few months.

Until then, criminal courts will work with capacity restrictions. We appear before the courts on behalf of our clients on an almost daily basis. It is important to use this time to prepare criminal records by requesting any ongoing investigations and dealing with any other outstanding issues. If you have any questions about how the batch file program affects your case, don`t hesitate to give us a call. Until then, stay healthy and take care of yourself. Since June, we have been performing almost daily in G.A. The criminal courts of Connecticut to these batch assignments, and as a result, we have been able to resolve many cases over the past few months. Apparently, the goal of the judiciary is to limit the number of cases in the courtroom so that people can disperse around the courthouse and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Why Does My Court Date Keep Changing