In many areas, you can watch Spirited Away on Netflix – but you won`t find it everywhere. For example, it appeared when I set NordVPN in the UK, Canada, France, Brazil, and Australia. But when I tried the same for Japan, Taiwan or Korea, I got an error message. For years, the creatives of Japan`s famed animation team Studio Ghibli have vowed not to do the “streaming war” anymore. Somebody Somewhere and Peacemaker are among our latest recommendations 2020 is a turning point for the studio as the collection finally enters the digital space for the first time. But the digital space movies have entered depends on where you live. Most Studio Ghibli movies are coming to the new streaming service, with one notable exception Our Guide to Streaming the Studio Ghibli Anime Classic from Anywhere In addition to notable deals with subscription streaming services in late 2019, Studio Ghibli unlocked access to its collection of digital library services. For the first time, the company`s movies can now be purchased from Amazon, Apple, Vudu and a number of similar services. For many, the pinnacle of Hayao Miyazaki`s animated masterpiece Studio Ghibli catalog is now available on a range of on-demand services – read on to find out how to watch Spirited Away and stream the classic no matter where you are in the world. Digital video store and streaming service Vudu also have Spirited Away.

However, Vudu is only available in the United States. Suzuki and the other creatives at Studio Ghibli resisted streaming deals because Blu-ray versions of their films were still selling regularly around the world. And why shouldn`t they? The latest versions of GKids are beautiful transfers, each with its own special features. Fortunately, records are always an option for devoted Ghibli fans. Because who knows when these streaming offerings will dry up. Spirited Away on Apple TV: But if you`re somewhere else in the world, you can watch Spirited Away and other Ghibli movies on Netflix. In May, you can watch it on HBO Max, which bought the streaming rights in the US. Although HBO Max (opens in a new window) has secured the rights to stream the studio`s catalog, the new platform isn`t expected to launch until May 2020. However, if that`s the case, you can binge on as much anime as you want for just $14.99 per month. Why do people ask such questions for easily accessible media? It doesn`t exist if it`s not on the streaming service of your choice? If you live in an area where Netflix doesn`t offer Spirited Away, consider trying HBO Max instead. However, before purchasing a streaming subscription, make sure that Spirited Away is included locally. If you`re in the United States, you`re in luck.

Fortunately, Studio Ghibli has allowed streaming in 2020. The situation is still a bit confusing because different services control different markets. Read on to find out where you can watch Spirited Away online. Netflix has acquired exclusive streaming rights for all territories except the United States, Canada, and Japan. Meanwhile, HBO Max will host Studio Ghibli content for the North American market when the new service goes live in the U.S. in May. It has exclusive rights to release Studio Ghibli`s catalog outside of these regions and has been dripping with studio films in its library since February, with Spirited Away experimenting with the service on March 1, 2020. Until recently, one of Studio Ghibli`s best movies was generally not available on streaming services or as a digital download. However, new offerings from HBO Max and Netflix mean that the company`s entire magical catalog is now available on-demand in most countries – including Spirited Away for some reason Netflix`s language options change depending on where you watch.

I can stream it online, but I wanted to see where I could find a suitable version. Even in the US, it can`t stream on Netflix, but I was looking for another place to rent it instead of buying it. If you aspire to visit the wonderful world of Ghibli, but are at work or on vacation at home, you may find that thanks to geoblocking, you can`t access services like HBO Max`s Netflix. Watch SPIRITED AWAY online for free. It is finally available for streaming. Enjoy! Japanese American from the Los Angeles area. Interested in Japanese culture, anime, rail transportation, baseball and travel. View all posts by James Fujita Fortunately, help is at hand. Sign up with a VPN and you can change your IP address, giving you access to your usual regional content so you can watch Spirited Away from all corners of the world.

If you buy something via a polygonal link, Vox Media can earn a commission. Read our statement of ethics. Almost everything I`ve said about Apple applies to Google Play/Android. We also invite you to stay in touch via the following social media channels: 0:30 Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Fest 2021 Spirited Away 20th Anniversary Fathom Events Trailer) The same thing happened with the UK. However, Jordanians can watch the movie (accidentally typed “jo” instead of “jp” during testing). If you can`t last that long, the studio`s animated films have been available digitally since December 2019 on major platforms such as Amazon Prime Video (opens in a new window) and Apple TV (opens in a new tab) including Spirited Away. But when I tested HBO Max with NordVPN, I found a “page not found” bug for Spirited Away in Denmark, Finland, and Poland. (In fact, Denmark seems to be in a hole covered by neither Netflix nor HBOMax.) Spirited Away on HBO Max: Kevin Lynch is a London-born writer and journalist based in Dublin. Author of Steve Jobs: A Biographical Portrait, Kevin is a regular writer for a number of technology websites and the former technology editor for the Daily Mirror. He was also editor-in-chief of (opens in a new window) and a jury member for the BAFTA British Academy Video Game Awards.

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