You can legally change your name by marriage, divorce, litigation or other means. To change your name in a court, you must check with a district court at the district level to determine the procedures. You can also hire a lawyer to help you with the procedure. The next step is to decide what kind of senior care you need. Your parents may choose to “age in place,” in a seniors` community, in an assisted living facility, with a family member, or in a nursing home. They must also decide whether they need a medical caregiver or an accompanying person. The former is allowed to provide some level of medical care, while an escort provides companionship, house cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, etc. If you decide to hire someone to work in their home (or yours), consider using a home health care contract to describe the length of your contract. Short videos of legal advice on many family law issues.

Check out this section to see what our divorce lawyers have to say about divorce, father`s rights, child support, custody and more. Some states have community of property laws that allow your surviving legal spouse to keep at least half of your assets after your death. This applies regardless of what percentage of your assets you leave in your will. Most importantly, the executor is legally required to act in the best interests of the deceased and to follow the wishes set out in the will. It may be helpful to consult a lawyer to help you with the probate process or offer legal advice. Many other family law topics can be found on the Oregon State Bar Association`s Family Law Resources page and the Oregon Judicial Department`s Family Law Program page. What type of adoption am I interested in? Do I want to adopt in the U.S. or apply for an international adoption? How old might I want to adopt? Do I agree with the involvement of the biological family? It can be helpful to seek legal advice when drafting a will. There are many rules for which legal advice may be helpful, in particular: If the family law issue is too complex or otherwise inappropriate for the centre (e.g. domestic violence, exceptions, urgent filings, contentious issues, or complex property or support issues), a lawyer will attempt to refer the client to an appropriate agency or program.

People with controversial or complex cases should keep their own lawyers. You will need to fill out a power of attorney form, which can be obtained from a lawyer or legal aid agency. You can choose how much power you can give to this person and which of your affairs they can handle. Families are changing This is an online guide for families going through separation or divorce. With three versions – one for parents, one for children and one for teens and tweens – it complements the legal information found here. A power of attorney document is a legal form that allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions for you if you can`t. The two most common types of powers of attorney are for health care and financial decisions. Why do I want to adopt? If I`m adopting with a partner, are we on the same page? If I adopt alone, do I have the support I need (family and financial)? What might our life look like in five, ten or 20 years? Guardianship Learn more about guardianship when a person who is not the parent of a child is given custody of that child, including your legal options, how to apply for guardianship and how to end guardianship. The Family Law Support Centre supports people who only want to represent themselves in SIMPLE family matters.

You may want to choose someone who can make financial and legal decisions for you and your property if you are unable due to travel or illness. Make sure this person is trustworthy and able to manage your affairs. Some reasons why you may want to choose someone to trade for you include: Utilities and other businesses may only need a photocopy. In most cases, the funeral home only offers this service to immediate family members and the executor. If you need more certified copies later, contact your district or city. Foster care is a form of “out-of-home” care. Children in out-of-home care may live in family homes, non-family nursing homes, treatment nursing homes, or group or home care facilities. The Family Law Support Centre is looking for volunteer lawyers to assist self-represented family lawyers by providing legal information or advice. In most states, you can specify exactly what your agent can and cannot do when acting on your behalf. Your agent may need the official notarized and signed document to act on your behalf in financial and legal matters. Family Matters Law Group knows how stressful and frustrating it is to have to fight for the right to see your child or receive adequate financial assistance in the form of child support. Our family law attorneys in Henry County, Georgia have years of experience helping parents obtain custody of their children.

We are also fighting hard for child support agreements to be changed or enforced, because we believe that each parent has a responsibility to care for children fairly. A trust (or trust fund) is a legal entity that allows one person (the settlor, donor or trustee) to transfer assets to another person or entity (the trustee). Once the settlor has established the trust, they control and manage the assets for the settlor or another beneficiary – someone who will ultimately benefit from the trust. To help you decide if a trust is right for you, first consult a licensed lawyer who has experience in estate planning and fiduciary matters. You will need a form that you can obtain from your state department or health agency for aging. This legal document spells out who can make medical decisions for you if you can`t. We specialize in cases where conventional wisdom says we can`t win. We have helped non-custodial parents obtain custody or obtain changes to a child support agreement. Our Father`s Rights in Atlanta Attorneys for Fathers Seeking Custody. Our philosophy is to fight hard for what is in the best interest of children and their families, and we select our cases accordingly. We are proud of our family law practice and invite you to explore all the ways we can help.

You deserve a compassionate and experienced ally by your side. Let`s face it, a divorce is one of the hardest things you`ll ever go through. Our family law attorneys in Georgia can assist you in any divorce proceedings, contested or not. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all the important issues. There are no major questions about the division of property and property or about child-related issues (alimony, custody, etc.). Family Matters Law Group can help you fill out paperwork and move forward with your life. Adoption is the creation of a new, lasting relationship between an adoptive parent and a child. Once this happens, there is no legal difference between an adopted child and a child born into a family. The Family Law Support Centre`s hours of service may be reported to the Court of Appeal on a pro bono basis.

Once the adoption is complete, the state seals all records to protect the privacy of all involved. To obtain adoption records, adoptees must make arrangements through government agencies. Find out what documents are available and how to get them. If you are a federal government employee, report your name change to your organization`s Office of Human Resources. If you are a retiree paid by a federal agency, you must report the name change to that organization. Once you`ve decided you want to adopt and who you want to adopt, here`s what you`ll do: The Family Law Assistance Centre is NOT a substitute for a lawyer Look for membership cards in the person`s wallet. Check their emails for renewals and bank or credit card statements for recurring payments. In some cases, these organizations have the individual`s credit card number. Account termination may help prevent fraudulent use. You may need a copy of the death certificate to cancel it. To be valid, a will must be drawn up if you have good judgment and sufficient mental capacity. After a person`s death, it is important to contact government agencies, businesses, and organizations to inform them of the cancellation or transfer of accounts.

It can also protect the person`s estate from financial loss and identity theft. After you`ve done your research and prepared in every way possible, also be prepared to be patient and open to changing your plans if necessary. You can change your advance directive as long as you are of sound mind. How you plan to distribute your property, money, assets, and other valuables after your death The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has forms that can help with international adoptions. Form G-884 can be used to apply for original immigration documents. The adoption process is often complicated. This is usually not something that should be rushed with minimal thought.

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