“Jessica Quinlan: Exceptional in her understanding of complex technological issues and in her translation into the highest quality legal work results” “Loren Leung is very responsive and has shown a solid understanding of the issues. She is my contact person for regional data protection issues and a reliable sounding board for sensitive cross-border issues. It is able to quickly select issues and I have full confidence that it is directly connected to my internal customers. Loren is also able to manage complex cross-border advice effectively and efficiently, which has provided me with invaluable assistance throughout the region, often in terms of speed. Loren also has a deep understanding of the business and always provides relevant and actionable advice that considers both practical and legal issues. “The partner team demonstrates great availability, intellectual agility, great pedagogy and great courtesy. Nicolas Morelli is a great lawyer who demonstrates accuracy and finesse in his legal analysis as well as a good balance in negotiations. “Sophie Dawson has extensive knowledge of data protection and communicates topics concisely. It offers practical solutions to problems and tries to avoid lengthy litigation. “The Bird and Bird team is excellent at working with other professionals in public affairs, technical issues and research agencies.

He understands the political side of an issue while focusing on the legal. » Our sector focus: Bird & Bird was one of the first law firms to organize its legal expertise on a sector-specific basis. By choosing to focus on specific industries, our lawyers are able to gain in-depth knowledge of the unique business drivers in your industry, allowing us to offer more targeted advice in a business context. Areas of practice: With a team of 40 legal specialists, the firm`s local knowledge is key to success, especially when the firm`s work spans multiple jurisdictions. The firm`s lawyers in Australia are widely recognized by clients and colleagues as leading practitioners in their areas of expertise, including: communications, competition, business and commerce, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, information technology, e-commerce and media, infrastructure and real estate, intellectual property and international human resources services. Recent technological developments, especially the rise of digital assets and the metaverse, promise to change the way we live, work and play. Not surprisingly, these developments have raised new questions that challenge the understanding and application of existing legal concepts and legal frameworks. Fundamental questions such as whether digital assets can be considered assets and to which asset class these assets belong remain emerging or unresolved questions. “What is striking about working with Andrea Chao is his knowledge of the industry not only from a legal point of view, which is excellent, but also from a practical and practical point of view. The team of more than 50 lawyers is recognized as a leader in their respective fields and for its high-quality advice and in-depth industry knowledge, providing clients with a full range of legal services, including commercial, corporate, intellectual property, dispute resolution and arbitration advice. labour law, competition law, finance, data protection and real estate. The firm: With more than 1,400 lawyers and legal practitioners spread across a global network of 31 offices, Bird & Bird specializes in providing expertise in a wide range of legal services.

Our areas of expertise include commercial, corporate, EU and competition advice, intellectual property, dispute resolution, labour, finance and real estate. “The firm has access to a wide range of areas of law, a full-service partner.” “Saskia King is exceptional. Very good knowledge of competition law. Very solid academic background. But practical and effective in their legal advice. A real expertise resulting from their experience working for regulators. “Very good professional skills, especially with regard to negotiations and preparatory work for arbitration proceedings. The cooperation with the client was immediate, and they responded and responded correctly without failing to solve various types of legal problems. “Simone Cadeddu is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He manages to communicate complex legal concepts with simplicity and successfully handle different company profiles.

“All members of the employment team are real professionals, but also `normal people` with whom it is easy to talk. They don`t use legalese when it`s not necessary, and that`s why it`s easy to understand and argue with them. They are polite and discreet. It feels like they really love what they do. Maisa Nikkola is awesome! She is a true professional, but also one of the sweetest people I have ever met. With Bird & Bird`s 31 offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the company is strategically positioned to offer local expertise in a global context. Its considerable international reach allows it to handle multinational projects and issues and to provide advice that takes into account local and international laws, policies and business practices. The firm leverages its leading expertise in relevant legal and commercial areas to provide a convenient and value-added service to its international clients.

In addition to promoting Viens Voir Mon Taf, action and welcoming high school students in REP (French Republic) through the ViensVoirMonTaf platform, Bird & Bird offers legal assistance to this young association whose mission is to provide 3rd year students “without network” access to professional places that are normally inaccessible to them. “The team works closely with the client and ensures that they fully understand their client`s needs and objectives. They are very friendly and function as an extension of our in-house legal team. The team is highly competent and has access to an extensive international network, so they are able to advise on intellectual property issues in any jurisdiction that may be of interest to us. This is very useful because they are practically a “one-stop shop” for IP issues. Many other initiatives are led by the firm, such as Lady@bird or Together® and in partnership with associations such as PWN (Professional Women Network) or Club XXIe siècle (mentoring program Revel@Her). Since 2001, the Hague office has been offering its clients a full range of high-quality corporate and commercial law services. By combining a well-established Dutch practice with teams from each of the firm`s international offices, he is well positioned to advise domestic and international clients nationally and across borders. “They are unique in every way. They prove it by their professionalism and specialization. It stands out from other companies by its knowledge of the business. They are able to put themselves in their clients` shoes to understand their needs and propose effective and reasonable legal solutions.

“Elizabeth Lang was very responsive, gave excellent advice, not only on legal matters, but also applied intelligent contract negotiation techniques that produced excellent results while remaining respectful, professional and diplomatic.” “The combination of Robert Turner`s excellent knowledge of the commercial industry and legal and interpersonal skills helped us close a complex transaction in a short period of time.

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