Ohio Code Section 4513.17: Limit the Number of Lights In addition, Ohio law does not restrict the use of colors, which means that the use of red or blue colors is legal, unlike many other states where these colors are restricted and prohibited on civilian vehicles. Technically, this could mean that all pre-halogen headlights are now banned. I`ve seen a lot of cars with HID conversions with green, purple and dark blue lamps. I don`t know how on earth they can see at night. The luminous efficiency is low due to the colors. Did you also know that lights over 5000K can hurt your eyes at night when they shine on you? Our eyes are very sensitive to blue, and more than 5000K they tend to the blue spectrum, which is why many HIDs produce more glare for oncoming traffic than standard halogens. Yes, the MKZ is equipped with dynamic LED projector headlights, each costing over $1,800! :d rop: Almost sure they will have a spectrum map to compare themselves to. Floor lamps are already illegal in almost every state, so this law has nothing to do with it. One thing people don`t realize is that bright white light makes the street darker when it`s wet and/or raining. The wet road reflects the light back, making it look darker. For this reason, you have seen many yellow “fog lights”.

Incandescent and halogen bulbs have a yellow tint, which is why most OEM HID are in the order of 4300K. Go warmer, up to 6000K and although they light up the road better when they are dry, they are terrible when it is wet. If law enforcement ever had a very big bug in their butt, they could really nail someone who has HID conversions installed. NHTSA has determined that such a thing does not exist and that any changes to a vehicle that changes its design features, such as headlights and taillights, is illegal. IOW, catch a police officer on a very bad day with dark taillights, and it can make your day miserable. You can spend hours reading all these regulations for cars, it will confuse you about what you can and cannot legally do with a car. What is even more astonishing is the number of police officers who get away with it, the police have better things to do. “The headlights of every motor vehicle must show white light,” said Sgt. Vincent Shirey, a spokesman for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “No other color shall be used” The law states that headlights must be lit from sunset to sunrise, at any time due to insufficient natural light or adverse weather conditions, when visibility is less than 1000 feet and at any time when windshield wipers are used. Other states have restrictions when it comes to using blue or red, so keep that in mind if you plan to drive outside of Ohio.

Ohio also allows hood and wing side lights, so if you`re mounting additional lights on the side of the vehicle and not underneath, make sure the lights are white or yellow. “By turning on your headlights, you and other drivers are protecting yourself and other drivers from a collision,” said George Campbell of Cadiz. According to Ohio Code 4513.17 (flashing lights), violation of this section is considered a minor offense. blogs.findlaw.com/law_and_life/2012/06/are-blue-xenon-hid-headlights-legal.html lights aren`t allowed to turn, swing, or flash, but state law doesn`t prohibit the use of colorful neon lights under your car as long as they don`t disturb or dazzle other drivers. Ohio Governor John Kasich recently passed Senate Bill 161, a bill that bans colorful car headlights. I always thought that the prohibitions on colored lights were such that normal people could not pretend to be an ambulance or a policeman. The glare of HID “transformations” is what occurs when you place a point light source in a reflector intended for a regular bulb. They just don`t concentrate and dazzle everywhere.

People associate this blue 600k daylight with glare, but it is quite possible to have a properly constructed and focused beam with this color that produces no glare. However, this does not mean that the law would recognize that yours are perfectly fine and work without flagrante delicto. It`s hard to measure that, while it`s easy for the police to punish you just because of the color. The federal DOT already prohibits the use of non-specific luminaires. This Ohio law only gives the local law the ability to punish those who use “show” lights on their cars that shouldn`t be on the road. This applies in particular to HID lamps. You can get them in a row of Kelvin from light blue to deep purple. Federal law requires the Kelvin to be in a certain area. I think somewhere around 4300k but I couldn`t find any documentation to confirm it.

I found other interesting information. The HID conversion kits were found to be incorrect and found that there is no HID conversion kit that can be sold legally. That`s because they don`t exist. Mkz headlights are of a different design and do not work in the Fusion. If Ford develops a Fusion HID for the Titanium version next year, there`s a good chance it`s a good fit for our cars, but given that they`ll likely cost 1K each, they`d be worth it. So many replacement lamps have a blue tint. Ask yourself if these will be allowed. What colors and types (under the body, above the glow, in the car, etc.) of neon lights are legal? As long as neon lights have less than 300 power candles, they do not violate any state law. If the lights are stronger than 300 candles, they must be ordered to hit the sidewalk on which the vehicle is sitting at a distance of up to 75 feet.

Lights can not exceed 500 candles of power. Well, Ohio law says that while additional lighting — including the underharness, side panels, and wing lights — is allowed, there are some restrictions. “They know it`s hard to safely stop someone in a blizzard, so I want to send this reminder to keep those lights on when their windshield wipers also go off,” Fetty said. OHIO Highway Patrol FAQ: What colors and types of neon lights are legal? Section 4513.17 of the Revised Ohio Code prohibits flashing lights on motor vehicles, with the exception of emergency vehicles, turn signals, and hazard turn signals. Yes, I looked at the HID lights and learned that using conversion kits is illegal. You`ll have to replace the entire headlight if you want to change your car to HID, and I couldn`t find a HID replacement for `13 or `14 Ford Fusions anywhere. However, if the feds ever wanted to have a cash cow, imagine the hell they could rain down with a motor vehicle enforcement department where they nail anyone who has made a change.

Are Blue Fog Lights Legal in Ohio