“7. A description of potential program participants and strategies to support the recruitment, retention and completion of those participants, including non-traditional apprentice populations and persons with barriers to employment, where possible.” (iii) establish or develop partnerships with organizations that assist program participants in accessing support services to support recruitment, retention and completion, including the provision of supplies and equipment necessary to launch a programme under the national apprenticeship system. `(A) support the development or scaling up of learning models at national level, promote the effectiveness of youth learning, pre-apprenticeship and learning programmes and provide promotional material to public apprenticeship agencies, public staff development systems or local staff development systems, public educational institutions or local educational institutions, employers, professional associations, professional associations; Industry groups, labour organizations, joint labour management organizations, education and training providers, federal and state correctional facilities, veterans service organizations, and potential interns in such programs. “A) IN GENERAL.—Subject to paragraph B), each State plan shall include a description of the system for the State Apprenticeship Agency to receive and resolve complaints submitted by Program Participants, the Authorized Representative of the Program Participant, sponsors, employers, or non-profit compliance organizations, such as complaints of equal opportunity or discrimination, violations of the training contract or violations of the training contract, in relation to the requirements of this Law. We have added a clarifying version of the 2020 to 2021 Training Funding Rules. We publish these funding rules as a clarification version in PDF to give you the opportunity to give your opinion on how we can make them clearer or more understandable. Please email all proposals to fundingrules.comments@education.gov.uk by Thursday, July 23, 2020. `(iii) in the case of blended learning referred to in point E(iii), a combination of a minimum number of hours of on-the-job learning and the successful demonstration of skills referred to in point E(i) and a work process plan.` (B) COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS.—Controversies arising from an apprenticeship contract and covered by a collective agreement are not subject to the system described in paragraph A, except that complaints of discrimination or other matters described in paragraph 5(B) are subject to this system. “(a) Application for programme registration.—In order to bring together employers and employees for the formulation of programmes under the national apprenticeship system, the administrator shall ensure the registration of programmes when a promoter applying for registration of a programme under the national apprenticeship programme applies for registration of such a programme with a registration authority by submitting the requested information. Including: “(2) The Program shall provide equally advanced prestige or credit to all persons applying for apprenticeship with proven skills or experience, training or acquired skills, and shall provide a reasonable salary for any development of the reputation or credit rating so granted, including skills and experience acquired by Veterans.

Apprentice Rules 2021 Pdf