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As Floridablanca Doctors’ Hospital Inc. celebrates its 2nd year anniversary the institution slated several activities including our annual outreach program, we visited Barangay Gutad in Floridablanca to provide free check-up and general medical services to public. Moreover, our anniversary was highlighted by week-long seminars and values enhancement trainings participated by almost 300 employees, medical staffs and heads. and last thurday of January 18, 2018 we gathered a thanksgiving mass and dinner, which were joined by several guests, board of directors, as well as local government officials.

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As we go along we will continue our efforts of building a world class hospital that sets the need of our patients and their families at the forefront. We believe that while there are many indicators of success, the real measure is ultimately our patients’ welfare. We are grateful for the people who have been part of our 2nd year anniversary.

FDHI 2nd Year Anniversary