FLORIDABLANCA DOCTORS’ HOSPITAL, INC. (FDHI) celebrated the Nurses’ Week 2016 last October 19-21, 2016, with the support of the Board of Directors and Dr. Mildred Y. Medina as FDHI Nurse Training Director and Board of Director Secretary.

The event was successfully launched from the first day at FDHI function hall. They have outset of bazaars in the afternoon at the hospital pathway. All nursing units showcased their creativity in presenting their chosen nursing theories in creative booths, to name a few: Dorothea Orem “self-care theory” for Emergency Unit with soaps, kojic acid, glutathiones, honey, daily echinacea, pamada/hair gel available for sale; Patricia Benner “novice to expert theory” for Hemodialysis Unit with chicharon, lumpia and cupcakes for sale; and Hildegard Peplau “interpersonal skills theory” for Operating/Delivery Unit with tarts, buko salad, bukopandan and bituka ng manok/chicken intestines for sale.

Recognizing the efforts of our skilled and compassionate nurses, the nursing management administators spear headed the awards from Best Nurse, Best Nurse Assistant, Best Pull Out, Best Nursing Station and Most Punctual on the second day of celebration. This momentous event was followed by a short inspirational talk on being a nurse advocate by Honorable Cong.Leah Goco Samaco-Paquiz as Ang Nars Representative, with snacks and lunch to enjoy.

Nurses’ Week was ended with a blast through the grand socialization day which included games, Zumba, intermissions of talented FDHI nurses, giving of prizes, boodle fight and bazaar for everyone. The event was fun filled and successful indeed.

The Chief Nurse Office would also like to thank the following personnel for making the 3day event a success. Mr. Myron L. Roque, Chairperson of the event, to the nurse supervisors, head nurses, and all the nursing personnel, your untiring support and effort is greatly appreciated.

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FDHI Celebrates Nurses’ Week 2016